Cleaning the Mess of UX Titles

The field of User Experience is very broad. All confusion about UX job titles comes from that. It is not just UX titles but the whole profession.

Many times, when companies looking for UX person, they don’t know what they are looking for and expect that responsibilities of whole UX field will do one person.

It’s like expecting of a person with mechanical engineering degree to know every possible specialisation in that field.

Also, companies with no prior UX experience, think they need it all. Although I am afraid that they might be afraid that they’ll get person who won’t be good fit for the job.

There are a lot of titles in UX. Specialists can devote whole life to once facet of UX and still have a lot to learn. For this reasons, it is almost comical when they write a job ad for UX designer. They obviously don’t know what they are looking for.

Design interfaces, not screens

We hear so much about mobile first. It took us few years and still we debate over methodologies how to compensate for the size of display.

Soon we’ll have trillions of connected devices in the world with the Internet of Things.

Our homes will be flooded with countless things that will be interconnected and communicate with us.

If we have problem with downscaling screen size, what will we do when we’ll have to design voice and TTS only interfaces or tactile and hectic only interfaces?

Ui in UX

User experience designers argue that they are not UI designers. It is easily disproven with this except from the study done by N. Tractinsky, A.S. Katz, and D. Ikar appropriately named “What is beautiful is usable“:

An experiment was conducted to test the relationships between users’ perceptions of a computerized system’s beauty and usability. The experiment used a computerized application as a surrogate for an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Perceptions were elicited before and after the participants used the system. Pre-experimental measures indicate strong correlations between system’s perceived aesthetics and perceived usability. Post-experimental measures indicated that the strong correlation remained intact. A multivariate analysis of covariance revealed that the degree of system’s aesthetics affected the post-use perceptions of both aesthetics and usability, whereas the degree of actual usability had no such effect. The results resemble those found by social psychologists regarding the effect of physical attractiveness on the valuation of other personality attributes. The findings stress the importance of studying the aesthetic aspect of human-computer interaction (HCI) design and its relationships to other design dimensions.

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We are UI designers, if just in part.

Handyman on Demand

uServia is an app that lets you get help around a house when you need it. Service providers have profiles and transparent price lists. After services rendered you are billed and asked to rate and write a review for workmen.

Impromptu events app

The project was an app that allows anyone to set up a small impromptu event within next few hours, like having a coffee or watching a game and post event for other users to attend. You can post it for your friends, friends of friends, or even total strangers.

The whole project was pretty big so for any other questions please go to contact form.